ForenScope CSI Pro 2 Smartphone

ForenScope CSI Pro 2 Smartphone

ForenScope CSI Pro 2 Smartphone

• 48 megapixel camera
• Body Fluids
• Trace Evidence
• Latent Fingerprints
• Multiwavelength On All Surfaces
• Android Device
• Easy To Use
• Saves Time
• For Crime Scenes and Laboratories

The ForenScope CSI Pro 2 Smartphone provides the power of a crime lab in the palm of your hand. Fully customized 6.5" ForenScope Smartphone with internal forensic software. Features UV/visible, polarizing, and special long pass yellow and orange filters. Includes integrated LED white, UV, blue, cyan, and green light settings. Easy to use for all size agencies.

• UV/Visible/Polarized 48 Megapixel Multispectral Camera
• Unique combination of polarized light and polarized camera for reflection-free images from any angle

Ring Light System: White Polarized, White +, UV 1, Blue 1, Cyan, Green

Filter System: Polarized, Visible-Pass, Yellow, Orange

ForenScope Android Case Management Software
• RAW Photography
• Video

Android Operating System
• 2.2 GHz Processor, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Memory

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