One-Step Cyanoacrylate Fuming

Lumicyano™ allows for the cyanoacrylate development of fingerprints using standard fuming chambers with a simplified process. It removes the post-processing stage of dye staining or powder dusting as fingerprints are immediately developed and viewable under a light source as fluorescent. Lumicyano has been specially designed to have a stronger brightness and to develop high level detailed fingerprints under optimal conditions with minimized risk to over-processing, thus providing better results than traditional cyanoacrylate glue, post-treatment dyes, or powders. It may be used in all fuming chambers operating under standard fuming conditions, humidity 80%, hotplate 250°F/130°C.

The Lumicyano technology is fully compatible with DNA analysis. It is therefore possible to perform a double identification using fingerprints and then DNA on a single latent print.

#303-LMC-5G includes 100 grams of liquid solution and 5 grams of Lumicyano Powder and provides:
37 cycles in a 23 cubic foot fuming chamber
125 cycles in a 6 cubic foot fuming chamber

#303-LMC-1G includes 20 grams of liquid solution and 1 gram of Lumicyano Powder and provides:
7 cycles in a 23 cubic foot fuming chamber
25 cycles in a 6 cubic foot fuming chamber

Lumicyano Powder should only be combined with provided Lumicyano Solution.