ForenScope 8K LAB Android

ForenScope 8K LAB Android

ForenScope 8K Android

• Latent Fingerprints
• Blood & Gunshot Residue (GSR)
• Multiwavelength On All Surfaces
• NO Powders
• NO Chemicals
• NO Contamination
• Advanced Device For Laboratories

The ForenScope 8K Android device is the most advanced forensic detection and documentation system ever designed. The 8K Android allows agencies to locate and capture unprocessed latent fingerprints on virtually any surface. Includes two interchangeable ring-lights. Includes the ForenScope Motorized Laboratory Stand.

• 45.9 megapixel multispectral 8K camera (200nm-1,200nm ±20nm)
• Real-time UVA-UVB-UVC-VIS-IR live imaging
• 8179 x 5616 pixel camera sensor (45,916,416 pixels)
• RAW image and RAW video capture
• Advanced ring-lights with automated filter system

Ring-Light System 1
• White
• UVA-Pw
• UVC-Pw
• Blue
• Cyan
• Green
• Red
• Infrared

Filter System:
• U2C Narrow Bandpass
• UVC Narrow Bandpass
• UVA Narrow Bandpass
• 567nm Narrow Bandpass
• 470nm Long Pass
• 590nm Long Pass
• 715nm Long Pass
• Visible-Pass Filter


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ForenScope 8K
ForenScope 8K Macro/Micro Ring-Light