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EVIDENT's website provides an accessible and efficient platform for law enforcement agencies to equip themselves with the essential tools of their trade. With the convenience of online browsing and secure payment options, customers can confidently place orders using credit cards or purchase orders. Whether on the field or in the lab, EVIDENT stands as a steadfast partner, dedicated to empowering law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to uphold justice and uncover the truth. Some of the features allow for:

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Evidence Packaging

For over three decades, EVIDENT has established itself as a premier provider of top-tier forensic products and equipment, catering to law enforcement agencies globally. With a steadfast commitment to quality, EVIDENT has been a trusted partner for law enforcement professionals seeking reliable tools for their investigative needs.

Our extensive product line covers a diverse range of forensic supplies and equipment, supporting law enforcement agencies in their mission to uncover and document crucial evidence. From crime scenes to laboratory analysis, EVIDENT's offerings are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the forensic field.

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One of EVIDENT's distinctive features is its exclusive partnership with ForenScope, the renowned manufacturer of cutting-edge imaging devices. These devices play a pivotal role in locating and documenting evidence within crime scenes and laboratory settings. Visitors to the EVIDENT website have the opportunity to explore and select ForenScope imaging devices, which can be seamlessly added to their online shopping cart. For those seeking specific pricing details, EVIDENT offers a streamlined process. By submitting a Request for Quotation (RFQ), customers can swiftly obtain accurate pricing information for the selected ForenScope devices.

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