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Hazardous Drug Evidence Collection Kit

Designed as a self-contained protection and collection kit for potential exposure to Fentanyl or other harmful narcotics. The compact cardboard box includes an N100 respirator, goggles, nitrile gloves, Tyvek sleeves, and multiple narcotics packaging options.  Two Drug Material Containers are included for the secure collection of powder or liquid samples.  All collected evidence can be packaged into the cardboard box and sealed inside of the included 15" x 20" Evidence-PRO Security Bag.

If needed supplement with additional P.P.E. capabilities here: Protective Clothing Section 1 & Section 2

CAUTION: For use by trained law enforcement professionals only. Visit www.fentanylsafety.com

Wear respirator when collecting Fentanyl evidence.Fentanyl collection