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These are the ideal kits for locating delicate biological fluids or other evidence at the crime scene.  The included 2, 5, or 9 Watt FoxFury PL Blue Lasers provide very bright illumination that produce highly visible florescence with certain types of evidence.  The lasers can be used at a distance of several feet from the examination surface.  The high power allows for the search and viewing of evidence at a greater distance, reducing the amount of close proximity examination directly at the surface.  The kits include multiple accessories.  The included 72mm Orange Laser Camera Filter may be attached to a camera using the various step-up rings that are provided.  The laser may be mounted to the included tripod for hands-free operation.  All items packaged in a metal carrying case.

1 - PL Blue 445nm Laser - 2W, 5W, or 9W
2 - Deluxe Orange Laser Goggles
1 - 4” x 8” Orange Laser Viewing Plate
1 - 72mm Orange Laser Camera Filter
1 - 49-72mm Step-Up Ring
1 - 52-72mm Step-Up Ring
1 - 55-72mm Step-Up Ring
1 - 58-72mm Step-Up Ring
1 - 62-72mm Step-Up Ring
1 - 67-72mm Step-Up Ring
25 - Gray 6” Paper Photo Scales
1 - Tripod
1 - Laser Safety Sign

PL Blue Laser Kit - 9W