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Everspry EverLSS 360 Mark II Impression Scanner

Everspry developed the EverLSS 360 Mark II Footwear Impression Scanner to capture latent footwear impressions at the crime scene.  The light weight and portable device includes integrated lights to capture detailed images of impressions on solid surfaces or 3-dimensional impressions in soil or snow.  The unit is simply opened and placed onto the surface directly over the 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional impression and activated.  The user interface allows for full control of the lighting and capture settings.  The detailed images may then be downloaded and examined or entered into the Everspry Software for comparison against the database.  Requires camera and computer for operation, not provided.  Requires Canon 5DSR or Nikon D800 camera model.

• High resolution • 1:1 output • Removes background • Easy to operate