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Everspry EverOS™ Shoe Outsole Scanner

The Everspry EverOS Footwear Outsole Scanners provide the ability to accurately record highly detailed two-dimensional footwear outsole images.  This next generation acquisition device is designed to accept the full weight of an individual as they step onto the unit, recording an accurate image with proper weight distribution.  This detailed image may then be saved and potentially entered into the Everspry Cloud National Footwear Database for comparison against recovered crime scene footwear impressions or into other image software such as Photoshop.  Connecting to the Everspry Cloud service allows for automatic upload into an agency database.  The Laboratory model features 300 dpi resolution and is intended for use by investigations and identification offices.  The Corrections model features 150 dpi resolution and is intended for efficient collection at a jail or other booking location. USB 3.0 connection required.

• Footwear of all types may be precisely scanned with the EverOS Footwear Scanner
• The exact two dimensional details of the footwear are recorded
• The resulting image is highly detailed

Basic interfaceFranklin County Sheriff's OfficeBooking Area Installation
The University of Maryland