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Everspry National Footwear Database

The Everspry National Footwear Database is a cloud-based comprehensive system for collecting, searching, identifying, and linking footwear impression evidence.  All data is stored in the secure Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.  Everspry features four distinct systems to assist investigations from the crime scene to the laboratory.

• Footwear Investigation System - Intended for use by Police and Sheriff's Departments to facilitate in the collection and identification of crime scene footwear impressions.  Unknown footwear impressions that are collected at crime scenes may be searched within the Everspry National Footwear Database to determine manufacturer and model of the suspected footwear.  Footwear impressions may be added to databases as investigative links are potentially developed across multiple crime scenes.

• Footwear Scanning System - This system combines cloud-based access and specialized scanning equipment to allow for the collection of footwear scans and images during the suspect booking process.  Intended for use by Sheriff's and Correctional agencies within jails or other booking and intake areas.  An EverOS Corrections Footwear Scanner is installed by the agency in the booking area alongside the fingerprinting and other other capture equipment.   When the scanner is connected to a touchscreen computer an officer can capture scans of the suspect's footwear outsoles and simultaneously capture images of the footwear uppers, all in under 3 minutes.  The resulting scans and images are instantly uploaded to the agency's Everspry Cloud account and accessible to laboratories and investigative agencies for searching within the unsolved crime scene footwear impression databases.

• Laboratory Footwear System - The perfect tool for any Footwear Examiner or Laboratory.  The system allows for the input of Crime Scene and Suspect footwear impressions for searching, comparing, identifying, and linking within the Everspry National Footwear Database.  Surrounding agencies may be connected to form a regional system to share footwear data.  Jails and Correctional agencies with Everspry Footwear Scanning Systems may be connected for access to suspect and arrestee footwear impressions.

• Academic Footwear System - Provided at a discounted cost to educational institutions that teach crime scene and forensic courses.  Instructors can access the system and build student teams for collection, searching, and identifying footwear evidence.  Institutions may also choose to contribute to the University of Maryland Footwear Reference database.  Access to this reference database is provided for free to all agencies that participate in the Everspry National Footwear Database. 

All system prices are based on a yearly subscription to the Everspry National Footwear Database. 

Real-time Intelligence Footwear Matching System
- Actively search and collect footwear impressions at all crime scenes.
SEARCH - Recovered impressions are searched against all suspects and unsolved crimes.
MATCH - Develop links between multiple crime scenes to assist with investigations.
IDENTIFY - Quickly identify suspects based on your database search results.


How can Everspry assist your agency's investigations? 
Review these potential scenarios for more information:

Scenario #1 - A crime scene footwear impression is recovered and searched against other footwear impressions from unsolved crimes within your local crime scene database.  This reveals potential serial offenders.

Scenario #2 - A crime scene footwear impression is recovered and searched against previously scanned footwear from suspects within your local suspect database.  This provides potential suspects for comparison to the recovered crime scene impression.

Scenario #3 - A crime scene footwear impression is recovered and searched against the Eversole manufacturer reference database to determine potential make and model of the footwear which produced the impression.  This can provide your agency with a valuable lead when interviewing potential suspects.

Scenario #4 - A suspect is arrested and the suspect’s footwear is scanned into the Everspry system for searching against past and eventually future crime scene impressions.  This will provide potential crime scenes that the suspect may have been involved with.

Scenario #5 - Your agency builds an internal reference database within Everspry consisting of locally known footwear patterns recovered from local stores or during other investigations.  This reference database allows for quick searching of locally sourced patterns.

The Everspry Cloud National Footwear Database provides high speed accurate footwear impression recognition and matching capabilities across an internet connection and mobile platforms.  Crime scene footwear impressions may be entered into Everspry Cloud from the desktop or uploaded with the mobile app to determine the manufacturer and model of shoe, or the impressions may be compared to a database of existing suspects.  Suspect footwear scans may be entered into the system with the EverOS Footwear Scanner and instantly uploaded into the suspect database.  Suspect descriptions are then developed and unsolved cases are linked as your success rate increases with each use.  The Windows desktop software and the mobile app may be loaded on multiple computers and cell phones to allow efficient access for an agency.  Multiple agency cloud accounts may be interconnected to allow for regional searching and matching.  Contact EVIDENT for more information on equipment and yearly subscriptions quoted specifically for your agency.

System pricing based on annual subscription.