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Cast-PRO SulfurStone

Cast-PRO SulfurStone is an industrial sulfur cement product that may be used for casting footwear and tire impressions in snow. The dry material is heated using a cooking pot and hot plate to approximately 250°F. After melting and stirring with a spoon, the SulfurStone is allowed to begin cooling slightly. When crystals begin reforming in the molten liquid, immediately begin pouring the SulfurStone into the impression. The resulting cast is solid and strong with excellent detail. Practice is needed to perfect this technique. Provided as a 4 lb. bag of SulfurStone. Always wear protective equipment, including goggles, leather gloves, and respirator #6040 with cartridge filter #6046. USE WITH CAUTION. Special thanks to Jim Wolfe of Anchorage, AK for his suggestion and development of this product.